Public Holidays

Our depots are closed, or closed as from 16:00 hrs on the following national public holidays. All services start the next day as usual. See the depot info for all details:


National Public Holidays

Result for terminal activities
1st JanuaryNew Year’s Day / NieuwjaarsdagClosed for business
27th AprilKing's Birthday / KoningsdagClosed for business
12-04-2020Easter Sunday / PasenClosed for business
13-04-2020Easter Monday / 2e PaasdagClosed for business
21-05-2020Ascension Day / HemelvaartsdagClosed for business
31-05-2020Whit Sunday / PinksterenClosed for business
01-06-2020Whit Monday / 2e PinksterdagClosed for business
24th DecemberChristmas Eve / KerstavondClosed from 16:00 hrs
25th DecemberChristmas Day / KerstmisClosed for business
26th DecemberBoxing Day / 2e KerstdagClosed for business
31st DecemberNew Year’s Eve / OudejaarsdagClosed from 16:00 hrs